Activities Co-ordinator Workshop – a 3 step plan

17th April, 2020

16th October, 2020


9:00 am to 4:40 pm

Eligible to Attend:

Registered Nurses, Therapy and Social Care Professionals, Activity Co-ordinators, Care Assistants and others caring for people with dementia.




  • Understanding your goal / role as an activities co-ordinator.
  • Step by step guide: How to create a meaningful activities programme.
  • How to create an equal working environment, (where you and residents create together).
  • How to be a part of and include others in a creative team.
  • How to plan, create and implement a meaningful integrated activity programme which supports agency, equality and empowerment.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop, attendees will:

  • understand the steps to take to gather information, devise and implement a meaningful activities programme
  • learn ways to keep their activities programme updated and relevant
  • be more confident in the meaning and goals of the role of an activities co-ordinator
  • include opportunities for learning and residents goals
  • understand how to devise an activities programme with residents supporting equality and agency of all involved

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop targets people who are involved in creating, organising or implementing an activities programme for older people, which includes all grades of staff.  (from DON to MTA).

A person who is involved in running a Day Care centres daily activities.

A person who is considering applying for a position of activities co-ordinator.

Please Note:

To book onto this course, contact:
Training Administrator, Engaging Dementia. on (01) 260 8138 or email:

People can also book online at

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