Fundraising Donor Charter

Milford Care Centre seeks donations from the public therefore our aim is to comply with the “Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public”   
as developed by the Charities Regulator in Ireland

We set out the following Donor Charter to ensure that our current and prospective donors can have full confidence in all aspects of the way we run our organisation.  We strive to live our core values – Justice, Compassion, Respect, Communication and Accountability.

Our promise is to treat all donors with respect, care honesty and openness and we are truly grateful for the continuous support we receive from communities throughout the Mid-West region.  We will ensure we are fully accountable and transparent in all areas so that all donors have full confidence in the services provided and our fundraising practices. We will always endeavor to adhere to best sector practice when running fundraising activities.


A ‘Donor’ is described as an individual, organisation or institution that makes a gift (includes monetary and non-monetary).

About Us

Our registered address is Milford House, Plassey Park Road, Castletroy, Limerick. We are registered with the Companies Registration Office (Companies Registration Office No. 291969), the Charities Regulatory Authority (Charities Regulator No. 20038113) and the Revenue Commissioners (CHY12761).

Our Commitment to our Donors

To ensure we meet our commitment to our Donors we will:

  • Treat all Donors with respect, care, honesty, and openness.
  • Respect Donors right to privacy and comply with laws relating to use of personal data and fundraising best practice.
  • Our fundraisers and volunteers will always observe the highest professional standards.
  • Ensure our communication with you is honest and transparent including giving truthful and forthright answers to questions and queries you might have about our fundraising initiatives and our organisations.
  • Handle your donation responsibly, wisely and for the purpose it was intended.
  • Remove your details from our database upon request.
  • Make freely accessible information about those sitting on the Board and that the Board, as Trustees, will exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
  • Seek to minimise costs relating to fundraising activities.
  • Seek to maximise the value of public donations by applying for, where applicable, matching funding from official funding bodies such as Irish Government Agencies and the European Union.

Our Commitment to Managing & Recording Donations

When managing and recording donations we will ensure that all funds received:

  • Will receive a prompt acknowledgement / receipt of donations. (Please note, this is not possible if sufficient contact details are not received).
  • Will be handled responsibly and to the greatest benefit to the beneficiary.
  • Will ensure, where applicable, tax relief on donations will be claimed.
  • Will ensure we are accountable and transparent in every facet of our fundraising activities.  Full financial records will be kept, ensuring accountability and tracking.
  • Will provide Donors with access to procedures for making and responding to complaints.

Our financial accounts are audited annually by independent auditors.  Milford Care Centre fully meets its obligation of filing annual returns as prescribed by the Companies Act 2014.  We prepare our financial statements in accordance with FRS102 and the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice.  For more information see the Charity Statement of Recommended Practices (Charities SORP).

We hold an Annual General Meeting where there is full reporting of our programme of fundraising activities and full accounting on where funds have been expended.

Our Commitment to Protecting your Personal Data

Protecting your personal data as a Donor where you engage with us or support us through our fundraising initiatives is a priority for us. We at Milford Care Centre comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 and the relevant Irish legislation, namely the Data Protection Acts of 1988 – 2018 and the ePrivacy Regulation S.I. 336/2011.

Principles of Data Protection

We will adhere to the data protection principles in that your data will be processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner, we will only process data for the purpose that you gave it, we are committed to keeping your data accurate and up to date, we will only collect, store and use the minimum amount of data that is required to achieve the purpose, it will be stored for the minimum amount of time necessary and we will engage the necessary technical and organisational measures to keep your personal data safe and secure. In adhering to these principles, we are accountable in that we have the necessary policies and procedures in place, and our staff are trained in following such procedures.

Lawful Basis

We will always have a lawful basis to process your data, whether it be where you have given us permission to contact you with details of upcoming fundraising initiatives (i.e., consent) or we have a legitimate interest to process your personal data (i.e., where we issue you with a receipt for a donation received or we use your data in order to resolve a query or complaint which you have made).

Personal Data Processed

When you make a donation to our charity we may process the following information about you: your name, address, telephone number, email, whether you wish to receive communication from us about upcoming fundraising campaigns, or not, whether you wish to receive a receipt for your donation, your comments, queries, and details of any complaint, all of which you will have given to us via a registration form, letter or email.

Your Data Protection Rights

You, as a Data Subject, have various rights under data protection law in connection with the processing of personal data subject to certain exemptions. These include:

Right to access your data, rectification – to correct your data, erasure – to delete your data, restriction – to pause or to stop processing for a particular purpose, right to data portability – to transfer your data electronically to another system and the right to object to direct marketing. It is important to note that some restrictions may apply. More information is available in our Data Protection Policy.

As a Data Subject you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commission if you are unhappy with any aspect of our processing of your personal data. Details of how to lodge a complaint can be found on the Data Protection Commission’s website ( We would, however, appreciate the chance to deal with your concerns before you approach the Data Protection Commission so, please contact us in the first instance. To exercise any of your rights please email us at

How to Contact Us

If you have any queries in relation to this Donor Charter, please email

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