Organising your own Event

Molly O’Brien Skydive

Whether you are organising your own fundraising event, participating in or attending events taking place, Milford Care Centre relies upon the community for your support.

Organising your own event can be great fun and extremely rewarding. There are lots of ways to raise funds.  Get together with a group of family or friends at work, school, sporting clubs or community centres and then call the Milford Care Centre Team. We would be delighted to support you.  We will provide sealed collection buckets, signs, sponsorship cards and t-shirts.

Give us a call 061 485859 and our events team will guide you and give you any advice and help that you need.

We have a variety of different fundraising events that take place throughout the year that you might like to support.  We are always looking for volunteers that can help us in raising vital funds for Milford Care Centre and it’s also a great opportunity to meet with other Milford Care Centre supporters.


View our fundraising events we hope you will join with us.

Listed here AZ of Fundraising Ideas are some inspirational fundraising ideas to help raise funds in aid of Milford Care Centre.  Email us at  if you would like to include any other fundraising activity.

  • Decide on the Fundraising Event and involve your friends, family or work colleagues. To help you decide on a fundraising event have a look at our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas
  • If organising a fundraising event for Milford Care Centre please let us know in advance so we can provide support and assistance.
  • We recommend when organising activities such as benefit dances, corporate events and sporting tournaments, that a committee is formed to include a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.  Once the committee is formed, contact us.
  • Consider these items when organising your event:
    • Set a goal / target to raise.
    • Include Expenses.
    • The people you are targeting.
    • Upfront costs.
    • Deposits and invoices to be paid before and after the event.
    • Costs should not be more than 50% of your goal / target amount.
    • Consider a raffle – how many tickets to print – sponsored prizes.
  • Action Plan from pre to post event and don’t forget to allow some extra time for items that need to be changed or items that need attention.  Delegate the work evenly and have a good communication plan to focus on.
  • You May need to apply for a collection permit.  This must be made on the prescribed form to the Garda Division local to the proposed collection.  Garda permits are handled by the Garda Division rather than local Garda Stations.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate insurance cover for the event.
  • Appoint a Treasurer on the committee for the event.  This person is responsible for all monies and should have an action plan in place.
  • If holding a raffle ensure all unsold tickets or programmes are returned and reconciled with the record of cash received from each seller.
  • Have a collection summary sheet with amount collected and a signature of the collector.  In the event that this is not always possible, a record of the collection made should be evidenced by signatures of both collector and seller.
  • All volunteer cash handlers have appropriate documentation from Milford Care Centre authorising them to handle cash (such as an ID card, letter of authorisation).
  • Milford Care Centre must be displayed prominently on all Cash Collection Boxes.  Official sealed Collection Boxes are supplied and documented by Milford Fundraising Department.  No other Collection Boxes are authorised for use.
  • Collectors must be over 14 years old.
  • Most of all, have fun during your event.

All donations will be gratefully received by Milford Care Centre.

Volunteer with Milford Care Centre and make a real difference.  There are so many ways you can help.   Corporate volunteering is a great opportunity for staff to volunteer together outside the work place and as part of team building efforts.

By giving a little of your time, you can help in many different ways. e.g. Annual 10km Walk/Fun, volunteering as a traffic steward for Light Up A Memory, or selling Sunflowers on Sunflower Days. Whether it’s fundraising with colleagues in your workplace, providing administrative support in our office or joining the vibrant volunteer team in Milford Care Centre, we’ll help you find the right opportunity to suit your interests and time commitments.

People volunteer for many reasons; to help others, to give something back or to make new friends.  Everyone’s contribution, no matter how small, will make a big difference.  If you are willing to share your specialist skills or professional experience we would like to hear from you.  Get involved.

Our Fundraising Department needs year-round assistance to run various fundraising activities. All fundraising events are vital to ensure that our organisation can continue to provide the highest standard of care to patients and their families in the Mid-West Region.

On the lead up to fundraising events more volunteers are needed to help with preparations.

  • Annual 10km Walk/Run – January
  • Marathon Sponsorship – May to December
  • Sunflower Days – June
  • Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning – September
  • Distribution and sale of Christmas Cards – October to November
  • Light Up A Memory – December
  • Attending Presentations – year round
  • Distribution & Return of Collection Boxes – year round

To organise and run these and other events, the Fundraising Department needs volunteers to:

  • Make phone calls
  • Help with preparations for events
  • Package goods and organise their distribution
  • Provide administrative support – Light Up A Memory

Volunteers, on occasion, may be asked to assist with events that are organised by members of the public in the community. These can include quiz nights, benefit nights, sport nights or special concert performances.   Volunteers act as ambassadors for Milford Care Centre.  They may also be asked to do some of the following:

  • Collect entrance fees
  • Accept donations in a secured collection bucket
  • Sell raffle tickets/ programmes

Volunteers are welcome to help us throughout the year. We also welcome transition year students from a number of local schools who help us out as part of their community service programme.

Volunteers receive some mandatory training and ongoing training when necessary. All volunteers are fully Garda vetted and are interviewed by the Fundraising Volunteer coordinator.

Those who would like to become a Fundraising Volunteer should be organised, mindful of their environs, a team player, reliable, punctual, flexible and have a great sense of humour!

If this describes you and you would like to help, then contact us on  061 485860 or email

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