• Decide on the fundraising event you want to do and involve your friends, family or work colleagues. Have a look at our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas  for inspiration.
  • Anyone considering fundraising on behalf of Milford Hospice should let us know in advance so that we can provide support and assistance.
  • It is recommended that you form a committee, to include a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, when organising fundraising activities such as benefit dances, corporate events, sporting tournaments. When the committee is formed, send us notification.
  • Do up a budget and set your goals so you have an estimated target and don’t forget to include your expenditure. Think about how much you would like to raise for Milford, the people you will target, what your upfront costs will be, deposits and invoices to be paid after the event. Your costs should not be more than 50% of what you are raising for Milford. A great way to bring in additional monies is to have a raffle, how many tickets you can sell, how many prizes you can get sponsored.
  • You will need a plan of action from pre- to post-event and don’t forget to allow some extra time for items that need to be changed or items that need attention. Delegate some of the work evenly and have a good communication plan to focus on.
  • You may need to apply for a collection permit. This must be made in writing on the prescribed form to the Garda Division local to the proposed collection. Garda permits are handled by the Garda Division rather than local Garda stations.
  • Ensure that you have the appropriate insurance cover for the event.
  • Decide on who on the committee, during the event, is collecting the monies and have a plan of actionin place.
  • Make sure if holding a raffle that all unsold tickets or programmes are returned and reconciled with the record of cash received from each seller
  • Collections are recorded on a summary with a signature from the sellers signifying the amount of cash collected. In certain circumstances it may not be practical for cash to be counted at interim stages during the course of an event, however, a record that a collection has been made should be evidenced by signatures from both collectors and sellers
  • All volunteer cash handlers have appropriate documentation from Milford Hospice authorising them to handle cash (such as an ID card, letter of authorisation)
  • The cash collection box into which money is placed must prominently display Milford Hospice as the benefactor of the collection. Official sealed collection boxes will be supplied and documented by Milford. No other collection boxes will be authorised
  • A person under the age of 14 years cannot act as a collector in a collection

Have fun during the event; you are collecting for a good cause and for that we truly appreciate your support.

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