Milford Care Centre is dedicated to elevating our specialised facilities and services to ensure the utmost quality of care is provided to our service users and their families.  Our mission is driven by the belief that every member of our community deserves access to exceptional, person-centered care whenever it’s required.  We are dedicated to delivering services that are tailored to the unique needs of patients and their families, ensuring effectiveness and appropriateness at every step.

As part of our strategy to enhance services, we are focusing on further development of our base here at Milford Care Centre.  Additionally, we aim to expand Community Palliative Care facilities in Ennis, Nenagh, Newcastle West and Thurles, recognising that families prefer services close to their homes whenever possible.

What your generous donations help us achieve

  • The base in Ennis underwent a major infrastructure re-development programme and this now allows Milford to see certain patients in Ennis, in a one stop multi-disciplinary clinic rather than commuting to Limerick.
  • Planning permission is being sought from Limerick City and County Council to refurbish and extend a dedicated office in Newcastle West, primarily for our Home Care Teams serving in West Limerick.
  • Milford plan on developing a similar base in Nenagh.
  • Thurles base has been re-organised to provide additional space, with the goal of providing more services locally.
  • Enhancements at Milford Care Centre base is ongoing with improved amenities not just for patients, but also for families and staff.  This includes a contemplative garden, outdoor eating and seating areas along with enhancing the indoor courtyards to enable improved wheelchair accessibility features.

Fundraising plays a vital role in fuelling the development and advancement of Milford’s initiatives.  Funds raised will contribute to capital works and improve patient and family experiences, including the development and maintenance of serene spaces and therapeutic spaces, such as gardens, that contribute to the wellbeing of those in our care.  Additionally, fundraising efforts will be instrumental in addressing individual care needs, by procuring specialised equipment to enhance the comfort and quality of life for individuals facing life limiting illnesses.

We are acutely aware that all of this would not be possible without the continued support of our donors, fundraisers, volunteers and of local organisations.  All contributions directly impact our ability to develop and maintain our services at our locations.


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