Introduction to Reminiscence Workshop


15th October, 2019


9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Eligible to Attend:

People working in a caring profession ( mainly, but not restricted to, Care of the Older person & Palliative Care ) Nurses, Activity Co-ordinators, Carers, Facilitators.




The aim of this workshop is to encourage and enable people working in caring professions to engage in reminiscence with their clients.

Why Reminiscence?

Reminiscence encourages sociability.  It affirms personal identity and encourages feelings of self-worth through the transmission of knowledge, values and wisdom.  Talking about “old times” with a supportive listener can reduce feelings of isolation.

How music and art contribute to reminiscence?

Music and Art can be helpful aids in stimulating the recall of forgotten memories.  Hearing a specific piece of music, seeing an image or feeling an object can help people remember meaningful times from the past.  using music / art can help make sessions a positive, enjoyable and engaging part of life review.

Main Topics which will be Discussed:

  • What is reminiscence?
  • How to engage in reminiscence with your clients, individually or in a group.
  • How to plan a reminiscence activity session
  • Ideas for materials to use
  • Themed reminiscence group topics
  • One to one reminiscing
  • Life review
  • Memory boxes

Learning Outcomes:

    • Participants will obtain the skills to engage in one to one reminiscence with clients.
    • Demonstrate the ability to plan and facilitate a reminiscence themed group
    • Build confidence in discussing past memories with clients
    • Attain new ways of communicating / interacting with clients
    • learn how to put together a memory box

Accreditation / CPD:

A certificate of attendance will be provided

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