An additional support to the service is our Bereavement Support Volunteers who assist the Social Work Department in the provision of a range of services.  Such as support groups for adults who are grieving the death of their spouse, their parent or their child.  Without the ongoing support of these volunteers we wouldn’t be able to provide such an extensive service.  All our volunteers are grief trained, garda vetted and comply with our strict confidentiality policy.

We ask bereavement support volunteers to draw on their knowledge and understanding of the process of grief and demonstrate their capacity to show empathy to others who are grieving.  Volunteers use listening and group facilitation skills to create an atmosphere of warmth and understanding, in a safe place where bereaved people can share their experience of loss with others who understand.  These groups can facilitate grieving adults who didn’t have previous contact with Milford Care Centre.

A pre-requisite of becoming a bereavement support volunteer is to participate in the 12 week Bereavement Support Education Programme. Details of this course are available on this website under Education events.

If you would like further information on up to date times and dates of groups you will need to contact Milford Care Centre’s Social Work Department (Mon- Fri 9-4.30pm) by:

If you need more support, there are organisations that provide:

  • helplines
  • bereavement self-help resources and support
  • support for people bereaved by suicide
  • counselling

click on this link :

The Irish Hospice Foundation Bereavement Information Leaflets are accessible  HERE


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