Art FacilitationArt Facilitation, run by our Art Facilitators, are held for people attending our Day Care Services. For some it is a chance to try something for the very first time, for others it is an opportunity to continue their interest in art through access to a studio space and a wide range of art material. The groups have a warm and relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on social interaction and meaningful activity.


The Art Department contributes to the well-being of people in Milford Care Centre through positive and meaningful engagement with the visual arts.

Depending on your interests and needs, we can offer the opportunity to explore new media; continue a life-long interest in a supportive and stimulating setting; or work psychotherapeutically through Art Therapy.  We work both with groups and individually.

We also contribute to the visual environment in Milford and link our work to the community through involvement in arts events locally and nationally.

How do I take part?

Art activity /facilitation are available to patients in the Specialist Inpatient Unit, those attending the Day Care Services and residents of Milford Nursing Home.

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