Pastoral Care provides spiritual and emotional support to the older person and those living with advanced illness, those facing loss and those who love them.

We work in partnership with the other disciplines in providing you with a holistic service with you at its centre.

  • Pastoral Care and Spiritual SupportOur focus is on emotional and spiritual comfort allowing you to achieve the optimum quality of life
  • Our goals are to support you and your family spiritually and emotionally as you search for meaning
  • Our services are delivered through a willingness to listen, hear and value what you have to say

How we can help you?

  • We will share in your faith struggles
  • We will assist you in finding inner peace and strength
  • We will help with answering your spiritual questions
  • We will help you meet your specific faith or spiritual needs.

We will do this by:

  • Giving you and your family spiritual and emotional support
  • Being able to perform sacramental and other ritual needs with you
  • Offering our comfort and support to you and your family leading up to, during and following death.
  • Offering prayer services; can assist if needed in funeral arrangements and removal services to the Church or final resting place.
  • Organizing Bereavement Masses and services on an ongoing basis
  • Assisting you to contact religious leaders from different faiths and traditions
  • Offering daily Holy Communion and on request
  • Performing the Sacrament of the Sick, administered on the first Thursday of the month and by request.

How can I contact the Pastoral Care Team?

Ask any member of our staff to refer you to us or ask to speak to us directly.

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