The goal of our Pharmacy is to ensure safe, effective, and rational use of medicines to improve your health and wellbeing.

Our services to you include:

  • Dispensing for inpatients: We play a key role in procuring and dispensing medicines and ensuring regular ward stock supplies
  • Clinical Services: We have specialist knowledge of the medicines used in palliative care and take care to optimize the medicines used whilst minimizing any risks with their use. It is our job to check your prescriptions as an in-patient and we are on hand should you have any questions about your medication
  • Medicines Information: We will provide all necessary information to the rest of the multi-disciplinary team on prescribing and administration
  • We are supervised by a designated pharmacist who ensures we are meeting the correct professional and legal requirements.

Education and Research:

  • We are involved in continuous improvement and through this have ongoing staff education in the management of our medicines. Our Pharmacists are instrumental in specialist teaching for postgraduate courses in palliative care and ongoing research in the use of medication in Palliative Care.

How can I contact a Pharmacist?

  • Ask any member of our staff to put you in touch with us, we are on hand to answer any of the questions you or your family may have concerning your medication.

Pharmacy Publications

Drugs for SC Admin in Syringe Drivers- April 2015 (PDF)

More Information