Dietetics is a service provided by our qualified dietitian to help you deal with dietary problems.  Dietary problems may include reduced appetite, feeling full quickly, changes in your swallow or in your sense of taste.  These changes can cause you and your family anxiety.  The dietitian can offer you support with these problems.


  • Specialist Palliative In-patient Unit – Monday to Friday
  • Referrals: you may ask any member of the team in the Specialist Palliative In-patient Unit to refer you to the Dietitian.

Our Dietitian can help you by:

  • Providing information on common problems such as feeling full quickly, lack of appetite, problems with swallowing and taste.
  • Offering you and your family counselling and support on dietary problems.
  • Providing you with advice on nutritional supplements and on gastrostomy feeding (tube feeding)
  • Providing you with written information on dietary problems.


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